We regularly recruit trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

As the training for a PWP can be intensive, balancing time working in the service with academic learning, we have developed a framework within the service to support our trainees.


Trainee supervision takes place on a weekly basis within a group supervision format and all initial assessments are discussed with any ongoing cases being reviewed regularly. This is to ensure trainees developing practice is supervised and this helps facilitate clinical skills development. The group format builds peer support and develops reflection. As trainees skills develop and change, supervision also develops with audio recordings being used to further build clinical reflection and skills as trainees progress.


Each new trainee is paired with a qualified PWP who will meet with the trainee regularly to provide support during the training period.

Trainee meetings

A regular meeting is facilitated by the Mentorship co-ordinator. The agenda for this meeting often focuses on reviewing progress, communicating important information related to their role and the service and tasks/learning points required to complete for university.

Line Management

As with all staff, each trainee will have a designated line manager whom ensures that all policies, procedures and appropriate conduct is adhered to whilst working at Six Degrees. During clinic, trainees have easy access to our telephone duty system, for immediate support from a senior practitioner.

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