Our Approach

How we work

Six Degrees Social Enterprise is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee, specifically structured and organised to ensure that we provide the right support for the people with mental health problems who we seek to help, whilst delivering cost-effective services for our funders.

Central to our approach is the commitment to work closely with those who commission our services, GPs and clinicians to ensure that we deliver the prescribed outcomes in the communities in which we work. Care, Quality and Cost efficiency are our watchwords and these are reflected in the five elements of our Collaborative Care Model:

  1. A proactive approach to service user engagement
  2. Case management with a focus on progress and treatment outcomes
  3. Stepped care
  4. Access to expert level support and supervision
  5. Integrated working

People Focused

Everything that Six Degrees does starts and ends with the people we are seeking to help. This means that at every step of the way we are focusing upon the individual and their needs, ensuring that only prescribed and evidence based practices are implemented. This means that those who commission our services get interventions of the highest quality along with a cost effective delivery of the specified service

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