Individual appointments

We offer one-one face to face appointments or we can arrange telephone appointments if you prefer.

In these individual appointments PWPs use several strategies which include: problem solving, getting a balance of weekly activities, dealing with unhelpful thinking and medication management.

Problem solving

Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed by our difficulties that we struggle to make decisions and solve problems. The PWP will support you to work through identified problems and try to help you to solve them. We know from research that this can work and help people to deal with their concerns.

Getting a balance of weekly activities

When we are feeling down, sometimes we find it difficult to keep a balance between work, family and other life demands. The PWP will help you to review your daily routines and look at how you may be able to get a balance of activities throughout the week. Research has proven that this can help people improve their mood and regain the sense of balance and control that may be missing from their lives.

Dealing with unhelpful thinking

How we think influences how we feel emotionally and how we then behave. Sometimes these thoughts and feelings; and the things we do about them, all help to keep the problem going in a vicious cycle. We can help you to identify unhelpful ways of thinking that may be maintaining the problems that you are struggling with.

Medication management

We know from research that medication, such as anti-depressants, can be useful in dealing with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. We provide support and advice on the use of medication and management of their side effects.

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